Specialist Conservatory Cleaning In Birmingham

Conservatory cleaning is a service that we routinely perform for residential customers both externally and also internally if required.  A conservatory is a large monetary investment and so regular cleaning and maintenance makes sense to preserve it and maintain its appearance.

“Cleaned my conservatory, inside and out. An excellent job, very pleased. Will use them again.”

Why is it necessary to have my conservatory cleaned and how do you clean it?

Your conservatory will over time experience different exterior weather, temperature and reactions to incidents that will have an effect on its appearance.  Harmful elements can include:

  • Algae
  • Mosses & lichens
  • UPVC discoloration
  • Bird droppings
  • Accidental scuffs leaving surface marks
  • General dirt and debris
  • Cigarette smoke staining

We can clean your conservatory on a regular basis or as a one-off clean to restore it to full cleanliness,  Depending on the amount of dirt and grime, and the service selected we can employ a number of cleaning techniques which can include:

  • extendable water fed pole cleaning
  • hand sponge and small brush detailing
  • low pressure rinse
  • uPVC restoration cream on frames
  • squeegee and then hand polish glass
  • interior clean if required

Using our professional cleaning equipment, sponges, brushes, cloths and uPVC specialist cleaning creams, we will methodically clean and polish by hand,  your conservatory from roof  to floor , until it is restored to its best condition. For details of our conservatory cleaning service in Birmingham please contact us today, or call us on 07814 823788